Visa support

Foreign nationals who want to attend the Summer School

and who do not already have an F1/J1 visa

need to get a B1/B2 visa stamp in their passport


If you are registered already, then we will provide a visa support letter upon request.

You need to show this letter to the immigration officer at the border (sample invitation letter).

Provide your full name as it appears exactly on your passport along with your title - i.e., Mr. or Ms. or Dr.

Ask the officer for a B1 (buiseness) designation on your I-94

so that we can reimburse you (in case you received a scholarship) 

for travel costs and per diem only.

A B2 tourist designation does not seem to be appropriate for attending

the summer school and reimbursement


If you are from a country with a visa waiver program then most is done

electronically before arriving at the border. You will also need the support letter

from us. Now the designation you need on your I-94 form upon entry of the US is WB.

The WT designation is for tourists and is not appropriate


Always bring our invitation letter to the border


For details, check with the US consulate in your country