Some basic info about what to do in Santa Cruz

Tue July 10 Campus Hike

Yes - there is a world beyond Machine Learning!
The hike starts outside the Stevenson Event Center at 7:30 and ends at 9:30-10:00

Be on time!
You will learn about the natural history of the campus:

native peoples, redwoods, poison oak, gardens, limestone quarries, ...

Sa July 14 Aquarium trip

On Sa July 14 we are organizing a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's $50 including admission, which is an excellent deal. Enrollment is part of the registration package. Talk to the conference office asap if you still want to join

Su July 15 Big Basin Redwood National Park hiking

On Su July 15 there will be a (loosely) organized guided hike through the gorgeous Big Basin Redwood National Park. See the hike page for more details.

Recreation at UCSC

  1. Free access for everybody

    • Field ideal for Frisbee
    • Running track with great view
    • Beach volleyball
    • Outdoor basketball
  2. Facilities need a pass to access (rate ($7/day) and hours )

    • Swimming pool
    • Tennis courses
    • Gym

Other recommendations

- Ocean paddling or kayaking

- Surfing  - Where to rent surfing equipment

- Bike rides

- Hike to the Big Basin National Park on Su July 15



Final party at Manfred's, July 20, 6-9pm. You can walk to his place!

There will be a moderate amount of alcohol.

The designated drivers Nie, Chris and Steven can bring you back to the dorms after the party


The event will be catered by a famous local chef Jozseph Schultz of India Joze

 Teaching moments

- Jozseph will teach you about asian fusion cooking

- Manfred can teach you about

      * CAM plants

      * fermented foods (Tempeh, Miso, Natto, Onchom, Krauting)

      * producing food in the back yard

      * Budding and grafting

      * Biochar and Hydrothermal Carbonization for carbon sequestration


- Greame can show you some the equipment used for home brewing

- Ralf Herbrich, Manfred, Nicola and Stefan will lead some Mafia games

       * bring your brain


The tours of the garden will start at 6pm.

Come early if you want to help

Bring a jacket or a sweater because it cools down at night


Your host