Sorry - all scholarship money has been committed

Travel Reimbursement process:

Unfortunately, the process for collecting your scholarship is  overly bureaucratic. Technically, the scholarships are "post travel reimbursements" and will be sent after the conference has completed. See the link for forms and instructions.

To start, you need to fill out form 204 (the "Payee Setup" form).
You will need to complete the first page (labeled "Payee Setup Request (204)").  
Since you are not a business, leave the first three lines on the left-hand side of section 1 blank (but do fill in your email and phone#).  
Check the appropriate box on the right side of section 2.
In section 3, check the "Travel" and "Reimbursement" boxes.
Provide your SSN or FEIN in section 4 (if you have one)
Fill out section 5, and note the additional information required for non-residents -- this
includes a copy of your visa and I-94 or ESTA document.
Section 6 check "No" on the first line (waiver), and "yes" on the second line (services in California).  
There should be no withholding on travel reimbursements.
Skip section 7 and complete section 8 (your title is probably Mr/Miss/Mrs/ etc.).
Fill out only the front page and skip the Vendor Electronic Funds Authorization form on the second page
(This electronic fund authorization form is for business that will be regularly billing the university).
Bring the completed Payee Setup form to the conference and turn it in to me on
the first day.

You will also need to fill out the "Post Travel Expense Form".  Although I can download it on my mac, preview won't open it (you need Adobe Reader to open and edit it).  The version of adobe reader I have also doesn't seem to be able to save any information -- I need to print it right after filling it out.
Fill out the top of this form, leaving the trip number blank.
Also leave blank the "payments made" fields on the far right.
Fill out your expenses in the description block.  Note that you can use a range of dates in a column of the table.
You should include either airfare OR car milage, conference registration, and conference housing.   
Note that receipts must be attached to the post travel form.  You should have an airline receipt and a conference receipt  you can print out and attach.  
Although there is no need to list expenses in excess of your scholarship amount, there is a small possibility that scholarship amounts could go up.
If commuting, you can give the daily milage  and number of days in the comments field.   
Leave the Fund/Organization/Account/Activity/Amount fields blank for now.  
Print out the completed form, sign, attach the receipts, and give it to me with your 204 form on the first day of the school.   

Registered students without funding are encouraged to apply for scholarships to help cover their travel costs (up to $600).

At this point only students enrolled in US universities are elligable for this funding. However we are currently looking for other funding sources, including some that would support students from Europe.

Initial application deadline May 31.
Initial decisions June 10.

More scholarships available for students enrolled in US universities - apply by June 18th

Scholarship preference will be given to applicants from
underrepresented groups in computer science, and to
students early in their careers.

Application procedure:

-Send email to
with subject line "SCHOLARSHIP: <last name> <first name> <institution>".
The body of the email should contain a cover letter describing your
travel expenses, need, and background, and a CV must be attached.

-Have a faculty recommender send a reference letter separately to
The message from the recommender must use the same subject line as
your application, and should attest to the student's good standing,
academic promise, and difficulty of securing local travel support.